ARO® Fluid Management

For more than 100 years, Ingersoll Rand ARO has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of compressors, pneumatic tools, and air preparation equipment. Clean air is a key ingredient that enables effective and efficient operation of tools, equipment, and machinery in almost every industry. As such, the use of air preparation devices, such as filters, regulators, and lubricators (FRLs) is an excellent means of keeping your air supply in top condition, as well as enabling your tools and equipment to operate at their peak performance. The ARO-Flo Series FRLs continue the tradition of offering premium products for your operation, and also raises the bar in the industry for safety, flow performance, and modularity




Filters, Regulators And Lubricators

ARO-Flo filters, regulators, and lubricators are a great way to keep your air supply clean and conditioned in order for your equipment to operate at peak performance.

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Best in class

The following regulators were put through head-to-head tests to determine how they compare with the new ARO-Flo Series.


Model Number

Flow Rate



27 cfm



44 cfm



48 cfm



51 cfm



59 cfm


This is not the largest 1/4" regulator in the ARO-Flo Series, but rather the smallest. How did we do it? We designed the ARO-Flo Series from the ground up to allow air to pass through the units with a minimum of flow loss. The bottom line: If you want superior flow in your application, you can’t miss with the new ARO-Flo Series.

Test parameters: 100 psi inlet pressure, 90 psi set pressure, and 33 psi drop