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Nothing is more mission-critical in the Defense Aerospace industry than getting the job done right, safely. Whether it’s designing, manufacturing, or maintain aircraft and satellites, Ingersoll Rand has the expertise to deliver reliable, productive solutions while maintaining the highest levels of safety. That is why we offer a broad range of highly reliable, high performance pneumatic and cordless tools, along with a wide range of compressors.




Simple, Flexible & Capable Fastening Solutions: The aerospace industry needs high-quality tooling to meet unique requirements, precision torque accuracy, specialized fastening to join unique materials & the ability to reach areas with access challenges such as the wing or jet engine. Our QX Series™ tools provide cordless portability while doing the job of 8 tools with multiple configuration options & special head adapter for custom heads to meet your fastening needs. The QX Series™ also offers optional wireless communication for data recording.

Tools that Provide Accuracy, Control, Comfort & Communication: Ingersoll Rand is recognized as a world leader in tools and offers a broad assortment to meet your needs. Whether you require the reliable production screwdrivers or QA Series nutrunners, the advanced tightening control of our DC Fastening Systems, or the continuous use of our durable grinders and riveting tools, we’ve got the tools you need to get the job done.

Hazardous Environment Tools: For an even higher level of safety, Ingersoll Rand offers tools that meet the requirements for working in hazardous environments, such our line of Class 1, Division 2 Certified QX Series™ Haz tools & impact wrenches.

Lower Cost of Tool Ownership: Ingersoll Rand tools are built to save our customers money. Whether it’s through increased productivity, less down time, energy savings, or a combination of those, we deliver value day in & day out.


Let us show you how to save money by achieving your productivity, error-proofing, efficiency, safety & environmental goals.


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Jet Engines

Our comprehensive QX Series™ family of fastening systems deliver simple, flexible and capable solutions.

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Hold and Drive

The aerospace industry needs high quality tooling to meet unique requirements and precision torque accuracy.

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